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Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email: info@legallysecure.co.uk


Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email: info@legallysecure.co.uk


Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email: info@legallysecure.co.uk


Our Estate Planning services include Will Drafting, Trust Drafting, Advanced Directives and more…,

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Protecting your Property

At Legally Secure we utilise various Trust options to enable our clients to protect their assets….

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probate the easy way
Probate Services

We can help guide you through this complex and stressful time with efficiency and empathy….

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Please give us a call for an initial conversation or to book as home or workplace appointment….

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Legally Secure

Specialists in Estate Planning, Wills, Asset Protection, Trusts, IHT Planning and Powers of Attorney.

Here at Legally Secure we believe in “Protecting Your Future with Clarity”


We can take the most complicated or contentious of family circumstances and, using the most robust legal documentation, give our clients complete peace of mind.


Our Estate Planning services ensure our clients assets are protected in the most tax efficient manner during their lifetime, and afterwards, that their wishes will be carried out as desired.


We also specialise in utilising Asset Protection Trusts to provide security for our clients prior to marriage.


Our team of, experienced and discreet, consultants speak in plain English and can provide home or workplace visits across the country or by appointment at our head offices in Bristol. Our expert legal and financial departments work together and enable us to create extremely comprehensive Estate Planning and Asset Protection solutions.


If you’ve been putting off writing your Will because it all seems to complicated or you’re finding it difficult to make decisions then give Legally Secure a call. We can guide you through the process with clarity and discretion.

Call us for an initial conversation or to book as home or workplace appointment.


A Legally Secure Trust is the best way to protect your home from care home fees. Email info@legallysecure.co.uk for our free e-booklet to find out more.