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Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email:


Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email:


Call: 011 7322 6322 | Email:


The death of a businessperson can have serious consequences for their business.


If you run a business it is vital to consider succession planning, especially in the immediate post-death period, to avoid a successful business grinding to a halt and becoming a massive problem for your executors and a drain on the rest of your estate.


A carefully considered and drafted Will taking into account the implications of Inheritance, Capital Gains and other taxes and potential liabilities can help ensure you keep your business running, whether to sell for the maximum return for your Estate or to pass on to future generations.


Powers of Attorney are also essential considerations for business owners.


To be incapacitated for a period of time, only to recover and find that your business had not been able to operate without you is an unnecessary risk.


Legally Secure have specialist niche Business Estate Planners who can work directly with you and your accountant, business coach or exit strategist, in order to ensure your life’s work doesn’t go to waste.

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A Legally Secure Trust is the best way to protect your home from care home fees. Email for our free e-booklet to find out more.